Monday, September 1, 2014


Everyday I try to watch at least one movie. And, because of this, I thank the stars about that Turner Classic Movies is a channel that I never had to live without. As a college freshman in 2014, I may not be the audience Louis B. Mayer was thinking that his movies would appeal to, but hopefully everyone in the film industry, even in it's early stages, was planning on making motion pictures that could be enjoyed universally, no matter how far in the future. Today I can watch silent films on my phone and enjoy the Gershwin written soundtracks of my favorite films while I walk to class. Maybe the love for classic cinema is in my blood. My grandfather was an avid fan of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, enough so to discredit films that Fred did with Rita Hayworth. He also never allowed his children to watch Singin' In The Rain, because it starred another famous dancer, Gene Kelly, who my grandfather considered a rival to Astaire. My grandfather couldn't watch any film on a whim. If a movie wasn't in theaters, and later, if you weren't watching that movie while it was airing on television, you missed your chance. Today, I can record anything I half heartedly desire to see, or I can probably instantly view it online. When my parents were growing up, the only time The Wizard of Oz was available for viewing was once a year on CBS, and no one would ever give up the chance to watch it. Today, I own two DVD sets of the film and somehow, I choose not to watch it everyday! Technological advances are hard to predict. While the Jetsons showcased a world with flying cars and robot maids, no one in the past ever suggested a social media system, tweets, or reality TV. I love watching classic cinema and connecting with people share this passion. The advances we make today help us celebrate and enjoy yesterday, so turn on TCM, on your TV, computer, or phone, and join the party! #TCMParty
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